This tab shows how as the pedaling pace increases, so does the kinetic response of the flywheel, quadrupling as the pedaling pace doubles.
The left column shows the pedaling data, the right column shows the kinetic response in watt/s
Cycling Cadence (rpm)Kinetic response
50 RPM25,87 Watt/s
60 RPM37,28 Watt/s
70 RPM50,58 Watt/s
80 RPM66,13 Watt/s
90 RPM83,77 Watt/s
100 RPM103,48 Watt/s



This tab shows the FLYWHEEL IBB45X features
Gearbox weight0,650 Kg
Gearbox diameter10 cm
Gearbox thickness18 mm
Gearbox ratio1:5,5
flywheel diameter27 cm
flywheel weight3,6 kg
flywheel thickness21 mm